What makes a theme perfect?

Undoubtedly, one of the most important features that can make a theme perfect is its design, if it has appealing and modern design, it will be easier to sell. The Unity theme`s design has been created in accordance with all the latest trends and can satisfy even the most demanding customer. Stylish Header, Page Titles, Blog Titles, Social Media Buttons, List styles, Quotes, Message Box Styles, Footer – the list of Unity`s outstanding features could be continued.

Another important feature is pixel-perfectness. Indeed, graphics should be clean, perfect and professional that`s why following the pixel grid is an essential aspect. Unity has been created in accordance with this issue.

What is more, if you choose the Unity theme for your site, be sure that it will be correctly displayed in any browser be it IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc, since it is cross-browser compatible. It is an evident advantage, isn`t it?

And the last, but not the least aspect is the code`s compliance with the WP Codex standards. The Unity theme has been written in accordance with these requirements and tested with the majority of the most popular plugins, so that no scripts conflicts are supposed to occur.

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