Special Features: Slider

The Unity theme has got an in-built image- and text-slider. The slider can be set in the site’s header settings tab and it will be displayed if the “Slider” setting is enabled in the “Home Page Header Style” block.

Main Settings:

  • – Slide transition speed – the speed of the slides’ transition.
    The recommended size for the slide image is 200×380 px.
  • – Slide display time – the time of the current slide display.
  • – Enable pause when pointing at the slide – if the option is enabled, the slide transition will slow down when pointing at the slide.
  • – Show navigation buttons – if the option is enabled, the slide navigation buttons will be displayed in the output field

It is possible to get to the slides editing page by clicking the “Add a new slide” link in the title of the slides list or by clicking the “Edit” link in the slides list.

The main blocks of the page:

  • – the block to select or change an image and animated effects to be displayed during the slides transition.
  • – the block to enter or edit the slide’s title(up to 4 words), as well as the slide’s title transition effects.
  • – the block to enter or edit a short text message (up to 30 words), as well as the messages transition effects.
  • – a link to an internet resource, both external and internal, where a user will be linked to when clicking the “Read More” button on the slide.

Special Features: Widget Areas

The Unity theme provides 5 widget-panels to display the necessary information on different pages of the site in different parts of the page.

  • – the widget-panel to dispay information or navigation blocks on the main page of the site
  • – the widget-panel to dispay information or navigation blocks on “Page” post type pages at the top of the content display area
  • – the widget-panel to dispay information or navigation blocks on a blog page or archive pages
  • – the widget-panel to dispay information or navigation blocks on “Page” post type pages at the bottom of the content display area
  • – the widget-panel to dispay information or navigation blocks on “Page” post type pages” in the bottom part of the site upper the copyright block display

What makes a theme perfect?

Undoubtedly, one of the most important features that can make a theme perfect is its design, if it has appealing and modern design, it will be easier to sell. The Unity theme`s design has been created in accordance with all the latest trends and can satisfy even the most demanding customer. Stylish Header, Page Titles, Blog Titles, Social Media Buttons, List styles, Quotes, Message Box Styles, Footer – the list of Unity`s outstanding features could be continued.

Another important feature is pixel-perfectness. Indeed, graphics should be clean, perfect and professional that`s why following the pixel grid is an essential aspect. Unity has been created in accordance with this issue.

What is more, if you choose the Unity theme for your site, be sure that it will be correctly displayed in any browser be it IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc, since it is cross-browser compatible. It is an evident advantage, isn`t it?

And the last, but not the least aspect is the code`s compliance with the WP Codex standards. The Unity theme has been written in accordance with these requirements and tested with the majority of the most popular plugins, so that no scripts conflicts are supposed to occur.

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